Hi-Low Bridesmaid Dresses

hi-lowLooking for a dress style for bridesmaids can sometimes become complicated.  With so many beautiful styles available, it is difficult to make up your mind.  Should you choose a long hemline – demure, formal, and feminine?  Or should you opt for something more edgy or flirty with a shorter hemline? Fortunately, a happy medium is now available.  There are dresses featuring a stunning and eye-catching variation in the hemline’s length, beautifully highlighting being demure and flirty at the same time, being daring, edgy but alluringly feminine all at once.  This is the beauty that you get form the hi-low dresses which have become so popular of late. You no longer have to choose between a short hemline and a long one.

You can have both in one and the same dress.  Happy bridesmaids are simply infatuated with this beguiling unique and modern twist in bridesmaids’ dresses.  It is unique and different — bold but not too much as to be out of line. It is an amazingly alluring look – and a fun one, to boot. A gown with a hi-low hemline allows you to enjoy the finest of both worlds. You get an above-the-knee front (charmingly showcasing your legs) which then tapers off to a near floor length or a length that makes the ends of the dress pool dramatically or romantically on the floor.  With the interesting hemline, you also draw attention to your beautiful shoes.

This look can showcase a wide range of styles. (more…)

A Short Course On Short Prom Dresses

Prom night is often seen as an opportunity for young teenaged people to look their best especially in terms of the clothes which they get to wear. This is particularly true in the case of young girls whose choice of short prom dresses can make them more elegant. This is not to say that long dresses are no longer stylish. Traditionally, they are still the preferred choice especially on special occasions like the prom. However, there is something about short prom dresses that make the wearer easily stand out from the rest.


sherihill2For young girls who are into the fashion trend, short prom dresses created by prominent designers Sherri Hill and Tony Bowls are definitely ideal choices. With the former, the clothes she presented in the Spring 2015 fashion show in New York are truly eye-catching. From floral-based wardrobes to red prom dresses, teenage girls who see themselves as elegant dressers should have a grand time watching these glorious designs. Celebrities abound during the duration of the program which included Ryan Newman and Bella Thorne, just to name a few. The models, meanwhile, showed off their form as they came out in various outfits, including short prom dresses.