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hi-lowLooking for a dress style for bridesmaids can sometimes become complicated.  With so many beautiful styles available, it is difficult to make up your mind.  Should you choose a long hemline – demure, formal, and feminine?  Or should you opt for something more edgy or flirty with a shorter hemline? Fortunately, a happy medium is now available.  There are dresses featuring a stunning and eye-catching variation in the hemline’s length, beautifully highlighting being demure and flirty at the same time, being daring, edgy but alluringly feminine all at once.  This is the beauty that you get form the hi-low dresses which have become so popular of late. You no longer have to choose between a short hemline and a long one.

You can have both in one and the same dress.  Happy bridesmaids are simply infatuated with this beguiling unique and modern twist in bridesmaids’ dresses.  It is unique and different — bold but not too much as to be out of line. It is an amazingly alluring look – and a fun one, to boot. A gown with a hi-low hemline allows you to enjoy the finest of both worlds. You get an above-the-knee front (charmingly showcasing your legs) which then tapers off to a near floor length or a length that makes the ends of the dress pool dramatically or romantically on the floor.  With the interesting hemline, you also draw attention to your beautiful shoes.

This look can showcase a wide range of styles.

You can have the front acquire a lavish layered mini form then have an extended lovely train at the back.

You can play around with the variation in lengths of the front and back.  You can have just a trace of difference in length or opt for a more dramatic variation with a really short above-the-knee front that tapers from tea to completely floor length.

Like many bridesmaids, you will fall in love with this newest fashion silhouette. It is stylish, chic, and lovely – allowing you to look sexy and edgy, and refined and elegant – all at the same time. It is also very practical, as it allows you to move around, and even dance the night away, with ease and comfort.

Alfred Sung is a highly-regarded and multi-awarded artist in the field of fragrances and fashion. He is well known for his amazingly beautiful bridal gowns – his collection featuring a variety of styles running the range from classic minimal elegance to romantic luxuriant sophistication. His collection features a variety of luxurious fabric the likes of satin twill, chiffon, peau de soie, or dupioni, as well as different hemline lengths, including full, tea, knee, and short. You are certain to find bridesmaid dresses from his collection to suit your wedding ceremony — be it grand or simple.

Alfred SUng DressesAlfred Sung offers a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses, with his hi-low silhouettes getting admiration from bridesmaids the world over. This style is provoking keen attention. Fashioned to retain its impeccable form regardless of the high excitement associated with weddings, these dresses convey a strong sense of modern sophistication and elegance.

There are many styles to choose from.  You can opt for a short-sleeved dress, elegantly featuring the classic hi-low dresses, with a ruched cummerbund across the waist. The V-neckline is perfect to showcase an heirloom neckpiece, further enhancing the dress’ vintage appeal. Another dress shows off a modest and feminine V-neck and a skirt with subtle pleats; the skirt falls past the mid-thigh in front and dips daintily and subtly at the back. Another dress shows off a strapless seamed bodice with a straight neckline;  the princess bodice has a cinched natural waist, from which you have the hi-low skirt springing out with lovely pleats which are intriguingly off center.

Hi-low bridesmaid dresses are perfect for contemporary destination weddings. A ceremony held on the beach, in a rustic locale, or in a scenic hilly venue makes it a bit awkward to move around when you are wearing a dress with the conventional floor-length hemline or an extended train.  If you feel uncomfortable, it will show on your face and movements; this tends to draw attention off the dress that you are wearing, no matter how lovely.  A hi-low bridesmaid dress gives you ease of movement, so that you feel comfortable and at ease in your beautiful gown.

Hi-low bridesmaid dresses have draping skirts that look lovely on anyone, regardless of body type.  Whether you are curvy and voluptuous or small and skinny just does not matter; you are certain to look your best in a dress with a hi-low skirt.  The beautiful irregularity of the hi-low hemline is smart and chic, the asymmetry giving it a feel that combines sophistication, feminine allure, with just the right suggestion of flirty audacity.

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